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Company Overview

Kroll Ontrack provides technology driven services and software to help organisations and their lawyers manage evidence efficiently and cost effectively in legal processes such as compliance audits; regulatory and internal investigations; and litigation.Services

Computer Forensic Services

Kroll Ontrack can provide the support your business needs to help reduce the risk associated with operating in an electronic environment. Our team of forensic experts and suite of services provide you with powerful tools to prepare for and respond to any electronic evidence requirement.Services

ediscovery.com Onsite

A Full Ediscovery Solution within the Security of Your Offices. Ediscovery.com Onsite is a managed, mobile ediscovery service that gives you the benefits of a service provider’s expertise and technology, in-house at your offices.Products

Compliance Reviews & Internal Audits

Internal fraud is on the rise globally, many companies are not prepared for the UK Bribery Act and there is an ever-present risk of anti-competitive behaviour. That combined with increasingly aggressive enforcement activity by regulators makes it essential for companies to focus on staying out of trouble.Consultancy

Project Scoping & Consultancy

Kroll Ontrack’s Computer Forensic and Electronic Evidence Consultancy teams have vast experience in assisting clients in a variety of matters, whether it be scoping IT infrastructure for large scale collections or an initial call in relation to a litigious matter. Our experts will help you identify your data sources and overcome any technical obstacles that may arise during data collection.Consultancy

First Responder Training

Kroll Ontrack’s First Responder Training prepares you to attend incidents that require an effective and efficient gathering of a forensically sound image of an employee’s IT environment.Education

Training & Education

Teaching at Kroll Ontrack is practical and solutions focused. That’s why we offer a range of training and education seminars that help prepare our clients to identify accurate and effective solutions which meet the needs of their firm or organisation.Education

Intelligent Review Technology

The costs of a disclosure exercise can easily sky rocket, even with the assistance of electronic filters and keyword searching to reduce volume. IRT attacks the bottlenecks of manual document prioritisation by automating the workflow, prioritisation and categorisation of documents for review.Products

Providing Valuable Consultancy on Document Management in Litigation Matters

Kroll Ontrack was approached by a regional UK law firm acting for a global industrial company headquartered in Northern Europe. The client was engaged in litigation in England arising out of a corporate transaction relating to a restructure of a business unit in the United States. The key challenges were that evidence was dispersed around the world, as were the custodians of that evidence.Consultancy

Dawn Raid Tips

Top 10 Dawn Raid TipsEducation

Mock Dawn Raids

In the event of a dawn raid, the in-house legal team will likely be the first port of call when regulatory inspectors arrive on the premises. In this high pressure situation, ensuring an effective and efficient response to regulators is key and having a set of practical steps and procedures to execute on is vital.

Forensic Tape Services

In a corporate investigation relevant evidence can be recovered from tapes. Tapes contain information which was present on a system at a point in time and cannot be accessed by the user. This is information which is possibly no longer available in active storage, especially if – in the anticipation of an investigation – efforts have been made by a suspect to manipulate or remove potentially incriminating evidence such as e-mails.Services

Forensics for Lawyers

Forensics for Lawyers gives solicitors and other fee earners an understanding of the risks, issues, responsibilities and requirements a client may face when encountering a situation where a computer investigation is required.Education

Document Review - Quality Powered by Advanced Tools and Processes

Kroll Ontrack leverages its extensive ediscovery project management experience, technological excellence and global presence; to provide clients with a secure, seamless, cost-effective solution to document review, powered by a name you know and trust.Education