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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LDiscovery Launches End to End eDiscovery SaaS Solution

MCLEAN, Va., Jan. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LDiscovery, a leading provider of end-to-end eDiscovery solutions and developers of their own trial-tested collections, processing, and review systems, announces its new and innovative on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, offering eDiscovery data processing, Early Case/Data Assessment (ECA/EDA), and hosting using kCura's Relativity.

LDiscovery's SaaS clients utilize its best-in-class software, which runs on dedicated equipment located within LDiscovery's world-class data center. This workflow provides clients with all of the benefits and flexibility of bringing eDiscovery, ECA/EDA and Relativity hosting "in-house" without the responsibility and burden of operating and maintaining the supporting infrastructure and database administration.

"LDiscovery's SaaS solution is the next step in the evolution of automated litigation support," stated LDiscovery's CEO, Chris Weiler. "Now our clients no longer have to make the traditional, absolute choice between outsourcing all of the services falling under the EDRM or insourcing those services. Our offering allows them to pick and choose; it gives them the best of both worlds."

LDiscovery Introduces Two SaaS Solutions

LDiscovery's first on-demand solution includes end-to-end software tools for eDiscovery data processing, ECA/EDA, and Relativity data hosting. This solution allows clients to take full charge of their processing and hosting needs while avoiding the burden associated with running their own data center. LDiscovery provides dedicated Virtual Machines ("VMs") and access to proprietary data processing and ECA/EDA applications: ADV3NTUS™, EXODOS™, and TEDRA™.  Storage allotments are included with virtually unlimited surge/expansion options, along with full end user and administrative training. When a client has finished ECA/EDA processing and analysis, the final data set publishes directly into Relativity.

The second SaaS solution lets clients take charge of their Relativity hosting needs while outsourcing their eDiscovery data processing to LDiscovery or continuing to use their current systems. All data sent to LDiscovery for processing will be published by LDiscovery to the client's Relativity account, in dedicated storage housed in LDiscovery's world-class data center. A client's internal support team will be trained as Relativity administrators and will manage the cases. All data center equipment, maintenance, and monitoring costs are included in Relativity hosting rates.

For both SaaS solutions, LDiscovery experts will provide, when needed, 24 X 7 X 365 service and support.

"These solutions offer our clients who wish to bring processing and hosting 'in-house' an affordable, comprehensive eDiscovery, ECA/EDA and Relativity hosting plan which spares them the daunting responsibility and expense required to build a secure, world-class processing and hosting data center," Weiler noted. "For our clients and LDiscovery, it's a win-win strategy for delivering our best-in-class services."