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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kroll Ontrack launches new in-country and onsite ediscovery processing capabilities in Europe and Asia to give companies managed ediscovery services with optimal security and data privacy assurance

Kroll Ontrack is able to process ediscovery data locally in more regions than any other global ediscovery provider

MINNEAPOLIS, October 1, 2013 – Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of ediscovery and data recovery products and services, today announced the launch of in-country ediscovery processing capabilities in Germany and France as well as Ontrack® Onsite™, a self-contained, on-premise ediscovery solution. With the ability to process and host data for ediscovery either in country or within the confines of a company’s own infrastructure, customers can successfully meet ediscovery obligations while minimizing security and data privacy challenges.

“The conflict between privacy laws and ediscovery obligations in Europe adds complexity, risk and cost to the ediscovery process. The ever-present threat to data security due to cyber-attack, surveillance and data breaches has also brought into sharp focus the reality that some companies need complete control over their data and intellectual property,” said Dean Hager, president and CEO, Kroll Ontrack. “We are addressing these needs head on with flexible solutions that allow data to be processed either in country in Germany and France, in addition to already established data center hubs in the U.S., U.K. or Japan, or behind a customer’s own firewall when data cannot leave its premises.”

“Ediscovery is becoming increasingly global and not just reserved for lawyers and companies in the common-law jurisdictions, such as the U.S. and U.K.,” added Hager. “Since adding in-country data processing capabilities in Tokyo in 2011, Kroll Ontrack has seen a 100 percent increase in business in the region. We are investing heavily in Europe because we are seeing a similar pattern emerging. Companies in EMEA need ediscovery options to not only support formal discovery processes, but also for proactive audits, pre-merger investigations and other internal investigations.”

Germany and France Data Centers
The new German and French data centers, opening in late January 2014 and spring 2014 respectively, will be modeled on Kroll Ontrack’s existing state-of-the-art and highly secure data centers in the U.S., U.K. and Japan. Companies and law firms in Germany and France will be able to access Kroll Ontrack’s proprietary and highly robust data processing and filtering technology in addition to its cutting-edge document review technology.

Because data never has to leave the data centers, customers in Germany and France can be assured their data is secure, no time is wasted transitioning data from one location to another, and data privacy and cross-border transfer regulations are met.

Ontrack Onsite
For cases involving data that is highly sensitive data or subject to stringent privacy regulations, Kroll Ontrack can install Ontrack Onsite, a self-contained ediscovery solution, allowing both companies and law firms to leverage Kroll Ontrack experience and technology for filtering, processing, review and production in-house behind their own firewall. The solution can be rapidly deployed to any country or location, with hardware and software setup and technical management by Kroll Ontrack.

“With Ontrack Onsite, companies can leverage cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise to meet ediscovery obligations or document review requirements without sacrificing security or control,” said John Grancarich, vice president, product management, Kroll Ontrack. “Ontrack Onsite can be installed rapidly and be configured to meet a customer’s security parameters all while providing the same robust technology and support customers have come to expect from Kroll Ontrack.”

“Having the latest ediscovery technology in-house can be critical on certain cases from a security standpoint. Being able to access it without having to maintain expensive software, add IT infrastructure or personnel, and having experts available to run it makes sense on every level. Not only does it ensure efficiency and a defensible and repeatable process, but also higher quality results,” added Hager.

“Kroll Ontrack is a truly global and innovative provider that is sensitive to the legal complexity and risk that arises at a local level in cross-border disputes,” said Mark Surguy, partner, Eversheds. “We have been grappling with data privacy challenges for a long time in Europe. Our clients are increasingly concerned about compliance with legal restrictions and safeguarding the confidentiality of their data. New solutions like these will offer both law firms and companies choice and complete control over the handling of their data so as to avoid many of the minefields, pitfalls and anxieties that exist in cross-border cases.”

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