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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kroll Ontrack improves award-winning review tool, Ontrack Inview, with greater search and load file speed, and more technology assisted review options

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 25, 2012 – Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of e-discovery, information management, and data recovery products and services, today announced the availability of Ontrack® Inview 7.4™, the 27th major release of its award-winning review tool. Continuing to innovate in order to exceed client and market expectations, Ontrack Inview 7.4 provides reviewers with faster search and load file performance and increased flexibility as well as more control when leveraging the Intelligent Review Technology (IRT) suite within the Ontrack Inview review tool.

When clients search for terms within the Ontrack Inview 7.4 tool, results will be returned 75 percent faster. Searches are also more dynamic due to a vastly expanded search term field and results foldering options. Complementing the improved search experience is faster processing and uploads of production sets and other load files. Given the value of time and user experience, Kroll Ontrack is dedicated to maximizing both.

Ontrack Inview 7.4 also includes IRT enhancements that empower clients to determine specific data sets to include or exclude from the Intelligent Review Prioritization and Intelligent Review Categorization process. Specifying data by custodian, data type or media source for prioritization or categorization gives e-discovery case managers better control of the Intelligent Review Technology process and costs.

“Clients have enthusiastically responded to our Intelligent Review Technology, as it has improved the quality and consistency of their review,” said Vice President of Product Strategy John Grancarich, Kroll Ontrack. “Our goal is to continue to push the envelope and find ways to revolutionize the manner and quantity of data insight. By doing so, we give our clients distinct tactical and strategic advantages.”

“Kroll Ontrack appreciates that law firms and corporations want to approach e-discovery as a business process that is not only repeatable and defensible, but also cost-predictable,” added Grancarich. “We are constantly innovating and developing our technology with that in mind. Ontrack Inview 7.4 is another step in our journey. We are keenly focused on making internal investigations and document review more strategic, faster and less expensive.”

“Our legal team has been pleased with the new control and customization features within the Ontrack Inview 7.4 tool. Specifically, Ontrack Inview7.4 allows my team to set up workflows with greater efficiency and organize the interface the way we want to see it and work within the tool. The interface is also more intuitive, which has been key in getting new reviewers trained and running in minimal time,” said Member Brian Calla, Eckert Seamans.

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