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Monday, August 28, 2000

Ontrack revolutionizes zip file handling with “Autozip” feature in ZipMagic® 4.0

Latest version includes time-saving features and improves data security
ONTRACK Data International Inc. (NASDAQ: ONDI), a leading provider of data availability software and service solutions, today announced the release of ZipMagic® 4.0, the latest version of its popular ZipMagic file compression utility. Retaining ZipMagic's patented ability to use compressed files without unzipping them first, the new version also includes unique time-saving features that automate the zipping of e-mail attachments, improve basic zip handling and create Internet secure encrypted zip files.

“The new enhancements to ZipMagic 4.0 are revolutionizing the way users send e-mail attachments making it easier for users to email their zipped files quickly and securely,” said Jon Eisele, Ontrack product line manager. “As users continue to send increasingly more data and larger files, Internet bandwidth remains an issue. ZipMagic 4.0 addresses this concern by shrinking email attachments up to 95 percent of their original size and allowing for a faster more stable connection. ”

Added E-mail Support ZipMagic 4.0 no longer requires users to manually zip a file before attaching it to an e-mail. With a new AutoZip feature, file attachments are sent automatically zipped, saving time and eliminating the bandwidth problems associated with large e-mail files. With this feature, businesses can greatly reduce the time employees spend sending and receiving large e-mail attachments and alleviate the waiting time experienced by most remote users. ZipMagic 4.0 also features drag-and-drop zipping, allowing users to transfer a file from Windows Explorer and drop it into Outlook automatically zipped. The “insert attachment zipped” feature gives users the option to zip a file when attaching it in Outlook or Outlook Express.

Improved Zip File Management ZipMagic 4.0 also reduces the steps necessary to manage zip files. ZipMagic 4.0 now supports silent extraction for self-extracting archives removing the need for the user to choose the destination directory. Users can also temporarily uncompress a zip file without leaving a trace of the file on the hard disk. Furthermore, ZipMagic 4.0 features drag and drop right-click capability that provides a transparent “Copy & Zip” feature.

Enhanced Data Security To address the market's increasing need for data security, the newest version of ZipMagic also incorporates Internet-secure encryption capability. By applying 56-bit Data Encryption Standard (DES), a cryptography system endorsed by the U.S. government, ZipMagic 4.0 ensures privacy when transferring zip files via the Internet.

ZipMagic 4.0 requires Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, or 2000 with at least 8 MB of RAM (16 MBs for NT and 2000 users) and 30 MB of free disk space.

ZipMagic 4.0 will be available in September at retail stores nationwide for an MSRP of $39.95. It can also be purchased online at www.ontrack/zm4. A detailed reviewer's guide is available at

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