Global data collection wherever you need, whenever you need it.

Experts in every timezone.

With more global data collection experience than any other provider, our teams respond promptly to ensure your documents are captured and safeguarded - no matter where they are located.

When disparate data makes you desperate.

With big data comes big data storage and big collection problems.

Kroll Ontrack's forensic collection teams handle sources from standard hard drives and mobile devices all the way to proprietary archiving systems and legacy tape backups. Our teams have the experience and the expertise to help you locate your data quickly and, most importantly, help you extract it from the relevant system.

Integrity is integral.

Defensible collection techniques are the best form of defence.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your data collection needs, Kroll Ontrack's global data collection teams respond promptly and adhere to the strictest chain of custody methods at your location and at our worldwide laboratories.

Kroll Ontrack’s digital forensic experts gather electronic evidence and materials in a forensically sound manner, retaining original metadata, either as the foundation of a potential computer investigation, or for future use. Leveraging experience from thousands of data collection projects, Kroll Ontrack determines the most efficient and cost-effective data collection strategy for identifying digital evidence and gathering electronic data for forensic analysis or electronic discovery.