Discovery Services Technical Analyst

Position Summary

Ontrack - Discovery Services Technical Analyst - Tokyo Japan

Job Posted: July 15, 2016
The Technical Analyst will be responsible for digital evidence collections, in addition to supporting Ediscovery, Computer Forensics, and IT services to the local office.


Ontrack Legal Technology - Japan

Reports To

Director, Legal Technologies (APAC)

Position Overview

In this role, the Technical Analyst will be responsible for digital evidence collections, in addition to supporting Ediscovery, Computer Forensics, and IT services to the local office. An organized and meticulous approach to ensure that chain of custody rules are strictly adhered to is essential.

Department Overview

Ontrack’s Legal Technologies department is responsible for the identification, collection, and preservation of digital evidence. It focuses on where the evidence is located, how to access it, and how to prepare the data for Ediscovery processing and/or forensic analysis. The ability to handle digital evidence correctly and defensibly is vital when investigating any case. Ediscovery Technical Analyst employ the correct techniques to carefully and accurately contain and preserve critical evidence. This includes the implementation of a strict ‘chain of custody’ procedure and audit trail throughout the collection process.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Onsite work throughout Japan with occasional travel in the broader APAC region;
  • Receipt and dispatch of data storage devices;
  • Media stock management;
  • Initial imaging, processing, and preservation of evidence;
  • Handling client calls;
  • Ad-hoc admin tasks as assigned, such as updating software inventory;
  • High-level media analysis, automated file recovery, and basic reporting on process and findings;
  • Device logging and tracking through proprietary tracking database
  • Maintaining Chain of Custody and media safe;
  • Attaching devices and initiating data replication/preservation
  • Labelling and sending data output through various media;
  • Attendance at Data Center to provide ad-hoc admin support as required;
  • Training and use of Ontrack proprietary and 3rd-party eDiscovery and Computer Forensics appliances and software;
  • Technicians are expected to continuously development and broaden their skill-sets while on the job, participating in training sessions and acquire industry and vendor-level certifications.

Required Experience

  • Strong business Japanese (written and spoken) or better, and strong business English (written and spoken) or better is required.
  • AS\BA\BS (i.e. Computer Science, Computer Forensics, Engineering, Math, Philosophy, etc.).
  • Solid experience in IT support, IT security, and/or end-user computer technology (2+ years). Examples can include:
    • Tier 2 or 3 help desk experience
    • Computer hardware assembly/disassembly
    • Windows, MacOS X, and Linux OS installing and configuration
    • PC repair, upgrading, or modding
    • Basic scripting or coding (any language)
    • Basic white-hat, penetration testing, or Info-sec experience
    • Ediscovery or Computer Forensics-related experience
  • Strong interest in Ediscovery, Computer Forensics, IT Security and Technology.
  • Well organized, methodical and meticulous.
  • Confident and professional communication skills.
  • A flexible approach to work.
  • Team player.
  • Able to travel on relatively short notice.
  • Creative, imaginative, and logical problem solving skills. Able to extrapolate answers to complex problems with minimal information and guidance.
Additional experience (not required):
  • EnCase Forensics
  • Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) Forensics
  • X-Ways Forensics
  • NUIX
  • Relativity
  • Concordance
  • Cellebrite UFED
  • AccessData MPE+

How To Apply

If you like working for a leader in Ediscovery within a client centric, high energy, collaborative environment with talented team members, this is the opportunity for you!

Interested candidates should send their CVs to